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Procentrica consultants are experts at solving the most complex 'process' challenges facing business today. The work of a Procentrica consultant is complex and generally falls in one of four areas of concentration: business architecture, process consulting, integration and solution analysis & design.   











To future-proof your business, it is vital to align your business vision, goals and objectives with the needs of your customers.  Align business units to move towards the same goal. Understand what is dragging you down. 


Procentrica provides Business Architecture Consulting Services to identify capabilities within your business needed to realise your goals.  Push your business into the future and build a journey for you and your customers to travel the journey together.


Our Business Architecture Consulting Services include strategy articulation services, organisational change services which includes customer journey mapping (or UX journey mapping), vision boards, visioning and capability assessments, business restructuring and creating a Centre of Excellence.


"Exceptional minds"   
"If you want this project to work, get Procentrica in"   
"Forward thinking"   

"Out of the box thinking"

Without fail we receive consistent feedback as the best process consultants our clients have ever worked with. As a leading service provider of process consulting, Procentrica has the resources, knowledge, network, and industry experience to be there when you’re faced with process inefficiencies. 

Our process consulting service is a practice of process improvement, process-reengineering, process quality incorporation and we enable you, the business, to drive continuous improvement.

Process consulting is the science of creatively considering current processes, identifying where the business derives and delivers its values and optimising it.


The following disciplines support process consulting:

  • Process Design

  • Process Definition

  • Process Modelling

  • Business Process Re-engineering (BPR)

  • Process Improvement Planning (PIP)

  • Process Evaluation and Recommendations

  • Preparing for Business Process Management (BPM)

  • Selecting the most appropriate technology for the Project

  • Opportunity Assessment

  • Best Practices in Process

  • Creating a Centre of Excellence


To fully realise optimisation in your business, it is advised that a process-centric approach is followed.   Just as people are core to your business, so is business processes.  Procentrica, being a leading provider of BPM consulting services, understand the necessity to change processes from an overhead to a competitive advantage by combining functional expertise, best practices, frameworks, methodologies, and product expertise - hence the name of our company!


At Procentrica we know that one size does NOT fit all and look at each business’ needs and has expertise in a comprehensive portfolio of specialised BPM services and solutions based on TIBCO, Bizagi, WS02, IBM or OpenText platforms that are able to unlock your process potential.


Our process modeling services can optimize your company's operations. By visually representing workflows, identifying bottlenecks, and suggesting improvements, you empower your business to streamline processes, allocate resources effectively, and minimize risks. Through simulation, your business can test scenarios, ensuring changes align with goals. Our commitment to innovation and industry best practices ensures tailored solutions for sustainable growth and competitiveness. With Procentricas expertise, you can unlock efficiencies, reduce costs, and optimize operations for long-term success


The modern-day business, irrespective of size, often operates within a complex IT environment, complex environments which consists of disparate systems, using different technologies and standards. The problems that businesses are facing on a day-to-day business, stemming from this technology stack are the following: 


  • Lack of a cross-channel or cross-function, on-demand information required to make tactical, operation and business decisions. 

  • The extended time to react to business requirements and implement what is required is limiting business’ reaction time to changes in the industry. 

  • The extensive demand on business and IT resources to constantly drive these implementations has become a massive overhead in terms of business operation. 

  • The extent in which business is constantly investing in new systems instead of creating a reusable approach to their technology stack is also becoming a very expensive exercise. 


In short, over the years, the need and dependency for IT applications have grown as the business grew and functions expanded. This increased the software architectural complexity to the point where business is starting to feel that IT is unable to cope with the changing requirements in a timely and cost-effective way, and change is inevitable. 


A service orchestrated architecture (SOA) enabled with micro service patterns using DevOps is an opportunity to deliver a robust, reliable architecture that drives business value and re-usability to the business.


The trend towards service-oriented architecture (SOA) is being adopted every day by more and more businesses. SOA aims to address these complexities and overcome the challenges faced when integrating the various components in your IT infrastructure.

The process is not left behind - BPM forms an integral part of an SOA-driven environment, as it exposes the business value in your company's SOA by presenting business processes which are logical to, and accessible by the users of the system.


Coupling this with continuous delivery/integration, aiming to deploy robust services frequently to production, will set you apart from competitors.

Procentrica offers a comprehensive integration approach which is the most effective way to address complex integration challenges and is the solution that provides the greatest business flexibility and efficient connectivity between dissimilar applications/systems.



From Strategic vision through to tested software that users love and are trained on – Procentrica will partner with you and use your processes to reignite your business value.


We offer complete solution analysis & design, consisting of the following services, customised to suit your business needs:

  • Strategic Process consulting

  • Business Analysis and Design

  • Re-engineering & optimisation of existing processes

  • BPM & Integration architecture

  • API Management

  • Integration analysis & design

  • Process analysis & design

  • Automation of your process in your chosen BPM suite

  • Custom development of non-standard components

  • Documentation

  • Change management (preparing for the transition)

  • Training

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